Not much has changed. This is how it feels at least. But anyway, I‘m back! So let me talk about something real quick before I fuck off again to bring my dog for a wee: Barcelona. Barcelona! Spain! Terror! Oh sweet Jesus tell ya holy father to have mercy with us!

Now it is appalling how little it matters to the western world when someone mowes over some people, leaving behind ripped off body parts and dead individuals of all kinds but only for a fragment of time will this act of violence be on the news and in our heads. It is certainly getting boring now, honestly. As horrible as it is for the relatives of the victims – it is fucking lame. Okay terrorists, you got our full attention when you stormed the Bataclan or the Metro in Brussels. But ey, we don‘t even care about terror attacks anymore. It is in the nature of a thinking being to get conditioned and used to things. Therefore I suggest, you choose a different strategy from now on.

This is nothing cynical. This is an unfiltered thought, and it‘s not even smart. AND I won‘t even proof-read this post. Coz whateverrrrrrr! Jesus, how old am I!? I‘m turning 30 next year. FML

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